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The health office is open to care for all student's health care needs while attending school. This includes students with chronic health conditions and any new illness or injury that develops during the school day. If your child's health changes at any time, the school nurse is available to assist you in keeping your child healthy while attending school.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires a copy of a physical exam upon entering school and every 3-4 years thereafter.  This generally occurs in kindergarten, 4th, 7th and 11th grades. Students in the seventh grade need to provide the nurse with an updated physical exam dated no more than one year prior to entering seventh grade and proof of two vaccines- Tdap and meningococcal.  You can contact your child's doctor and have them fax the physical exam to the nurse. If your child has not had an exam, please make an appointment with their health care provider.


New students transferring to Taunton Public Schools need to provide an updated physical exam, dated within the last year, and proof of immunizations.


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